About Us


 Our goal at Everything Grows is to provide a safe, caring environment that is educationally creative and secure to significantly enhance a child’s trust and learning through a structured yet playful setting. Your child will interact with others in a fun and positive way. As every parent knows, children advance and mature at their own rate and at times when they feel most comfortable. We believe that children learn at different levels and will encourage them to progress at their own pace in a flexible and non-stressful manner, with multiple points of entry into projects and activities. We believe that while learning can certainly be fun for children, it must be developed primarily to stimulate the child’s desire to learn on their own. As children are, by nature curious, we seek to channel that curiosity into meaningful and useful educational directions. Through constant observations, patterns can be detected which can indicate the need for a gentle nudge in one direction or the other. As opposed to other programs, which may be more “sterile” or “institutional” in nature, we strive to make all of the children in our care feel relaxed, secure, valued and comfortable. Our center reflects this by the “home away from home” atmosphere parents and children alike feel once they are through our doors. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to nurture the full range of developing skills and interests of every child and to meet the NYS core curriculum standards implemented in 2012. Emotional Development – Creative Art – Language and Communication – Science and Nature – Dance Classes – Socialization skills – Dramatic Play-Computer Education – Gross and Fine Motor Skills – Music and Movement-Daily Outdoor play – Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness – Nurture the love of Books and Reading – Character Education such as respect for others and their property, responsibility, sharing, citizenship, cooperation and self-control-Foster confidence and self esteem – Encourage curiousity, creativity and problem solving – Teach good hygiene and self-help skills – Exposure to community visitors and educational field trips.. Did we mention HAVING FUN!!!!


Everything Grows Childcare and Learning Center offers a wide variety of options for your child based on your schedule and our availability. Full and Half Day Programs 2, 3 or 5 day rates

Before and After School Care

Back-Up Care Available (excludes infants)

Little Explorers Summer Program ~ Ages 4-6 (June-September)

Middletown Center Address

384 Crystal Run Road, Suite 101, Middletown, NY 10941

6:30-6:30, M-F Phone: 845-695-1350 Fax: 845-695-1370



EverythiPicture 047ng Grows takes extreme care in hiring qualified and dedicated childcare providers who are trained in accordance with the office of NYS Child and Family Services. Prior to hiring, our staff must go through a thorough background check and possess a negative TB test. Our staff also must have the proper education and possess at least 2 years experience working with children. They provide children with carefully planned educational programs that meet their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs.  The health, safety and security of your child is our top priority. To enter our centers, parents must use our state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning system. Everything Grows Health Care and Authorized Pick up Policies are extensive and meet and exceed all New York State requirements. Staff is trained in CPR and First Aid procedures and we are a MAT Licensed company (We are authorized to administer medication under emergency situations). Everything Grows is a continuous recipient of the prestigious Market Insurance Award for our outstanding safety record and commitment to ongoing safety training.  We are proud of our staff retention and many have been working with Everything Grows for over 9 years, some over 14!  


Our state-of-the-art center provides an atmosphere for children to become creative, interact with others and become self-motivated. Our “home away from home” environment is bright and friendly to establish warm and welcoming spaces for both children and parents alike. Individual playgrounds are designed to challenge and delight children of all ages. Our center is super “CLEAN”!!! Teachers are required to keep organized, clean and sanitized equipment and toys. A professional cleaning service comes in nightly to ensure the centers remain spotless and ready for the next days’ activities!


Continuous communication between home and school is very important during these preschool years. We believe parents and teachers should be partners during these years and beyond. We invite you to visit our centers anytime. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or any staff member with questions or concerns about your child’s special needs. Please know that our doors are always open and we will do whatever it takes to make your child’s experience with us a happy and healthy one!