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Does Everything Grows have an educational program?

Absolutely! Active learning is encouraged in all of our classrooms. Our curriculum is developed by using the NYS Common Core Learning Standards implemented by the state of New York, which assures that all children are well prepared as they enter their elementary school years. Our center use themes and a firm commitment to individual education experiences for each child. We believe children construct knowledge through interactions with their environment and STEM is also a large part of our teaching foundation.  All teachers submit weekly lesson plans to our Director for approval ensuring all children are receiving social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional developments. Our teacher teams create the environment, provide them materials for learning and develop individual goals for all children enrolled in our center.

Is your facility safe and secure?

Our facility has a secure fingerprint entry system in the main entrance limiting access into the building to those not part of our program. Our pick up policies are extensive and your child’s safety is our number one priority.

What is your child immunization policy? 

  Children enrolling in Everything Grows Childcare and Learning Center do require to be immunized by regulations set forth by the NYS Department of Children and Family Services.  Children who are delayed in receiving immunizations based on medical or health reasons will be considered on a case by case basis.

Do you have playgrounds?

Our center has large, fenced in play yards with new equipment for the children to enjoy. Separate age appropriate playgrounds are designed to challenge and delight all our children. Playgrounds are inspected regularly to ensure safe and free of hazards.

What are your teacher’s credentials/requirements?

Everything Grows takes extreme care in hiring professional, loving and dedicated staff members to be part of their top-notch team. Our staff is a diverse group of professionals with varying degrees of education and experience. Everything Grows staff has a combined 300 years of childcare experience. Head Teachers hold degrees in Early Childhood Education, or a CDA Certificate, as well as at least 2 years or more experience working with young children. All staff members participate in continuing education classes and ongoing training. Our health care consultant is a local Registered nurse who oversees our health policies and is available to us if we should need medical advice or information. All staff members are hired on a 3 month probation period, must complete at least 2 working interviews, go through a thorough background check including child abuse and maltreatment, and are required to have a current physical and TB test before coming on board.

What are your child/teacher ratios?

We follow the mandated NYS Office of Children and Family Services regulations as follows:
Infants: 4 children/1 teacher
Toddlers: 5 children/1 teacher
3 Year Olds: 7 children/1 teacher
Pre-K: 8 children/1 teacher
*classroom sizes vary.

Do children have to be toilet trained in order to enroll?

Children enrolling in our 3 year old preschool program are not required to be fully toilet trained but must be using the potty to some degree before we can accept them into the program. Our teachers are trained to recognize the signs of readiness and will work closely with each child, as well as with parents, to get the child through this pivotal stage.

Do you offer back up/emergency care?

Yes, our program provides a back up care option to you when your primary care arrangements break down or are unavailable. This service is offered on the basis of availability and children who participate must have the proper paperwork on file to be eligible to use back up care.

What is an “Intake Interview”?

An “Intake Interview” is an informal meeting between the parent(s) and teacher before your child attends our centers. At this time, the teacher will ask a series of questions in order to get to know your child and their families before he/she actually starts the program. Questions regarding eating and toilet routines, sleeping, fears, socialization, etc. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions regarding classroom routines.

Do you close for snow days?

Here at Everything Grows we do not follow the public schools for snow closing and/or delays.  We care about the safety and well-being of our Everything Grows families, as well as their work schedules, therefore, we assess the conditions independently and only close if the safety of our staff and families is jeopardized by hazardous driving conditions.  We take extreme consideration in these decisions and give our staff and families ample notice if such a decision is made.

Are toddlers, preschoolers and pre-k children required to sleep at nap time?

Children are not required to sleep at rest time. All children are provided a mat and lie quietly for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Children who do not fall asleep during this time are allowed to choose “quiet work” such as reading, constructing a puzzle or some other type of manipulative activity to occupy them while their classmates sleep.

Do you teach personal hygiene to the children?

Yes!! The children wash their hands upon arrival, after toiletting and/or diapering, before snacks and meals and after enjoying time outdoors on the playground, and any other time during the day where it is necessary.

What is character education?

We believe in educating the whole child. Our teachers model behavior everyday for the children in their care. Teacher’s demonstrate and praise polite behavior, teach self-help skills, and use appropriate language in responding to children’s needs. Respect of others, responsibility, sharing, citizenship, cooperation, and self help are taught, encouraged and praised. We use the “positive language/positive redirection” approach with children in our care. Examples of this would be “walking feet” instead of “stop running”, “gentle touches” instead of “don’t hit”; we NEVER tell a child the he/she is bad, but instead say they are not makes good choices.

Do you conduct parent/teacher conferences?

Parent/teacher conferences are held three times per year (fall, winter and spring) giving an overview of their child’s progress. Participation in conferences is encouraged. Conferences can be requested at any time by the parent or teacher should the need arise.

Can my child receive speech/OT /PT services at your centers?

Children may receive services here at Everything Grows provided that it does not disrupt classroom schedules. We do whatever it takes to accommodate the needs of our children and work closely with parents and therapists in the best interest of the child.

How is tuition paid?

We offer many different payment methods. Tuitions can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly. We accept tuition payments using personal checks or cash.

Do you provide lunch?

Because parents know their child’s eating habits best, we do not provide lunch. Our main concern is that children are eating a nutritious lunch. Children tend to be very “finicky” during their younger years and therefore, when parents provide lunch they know their child is eating what they like and also eating well. Centers providing lunch tend to have limited variety, foods are high in fats and sodium, and if your child does not like what is being served, will not get a balanced meal that day.
Our parents send their children with lunch each day. Our classrooms are equipped with refrigerators and microwaves for reheating. We do provide two healthy snacks each day, as well as milk, juice and water throughout the day. We have what we call “Pizza Friday”, where parents can choose to pay $2.00/slice of pizza instead of bringing in lunch that day.

How do you communicate with the parents on their child’s progress?

We provide many opportunities for parents to receive information regarding their child’s progress. We provide parents with a daily written report. The staff also shares information at drop off and pick up time. Information boards are located in each classroom and a monthly newsletter and event calendar is provided to every parent in order to facilitate communication between parents and their children. Everything Grows has an “open door” policy, and we are always willing to discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding your child’s experience at our centers.

If my child is absent, can we switch days?

We understand that children become ill and may be unable to attend school. The center does not give credit for absences or allow switching of days.

What is your child pick up policy?

The safety of your child is our utmost concern. Upon enrollment, parents are asked to specify at least 2 individuals (beside from the primary caregivers) to whom the child can be released. Children will only be released to authorized persons whose names appear on the pick-up authorization form. We have a system in place for situations where the authorized person(s) cannot pick up their child.

What special events and/or programs do you offer?

Pizza Fridays, In-Center Movie Nights, Gardening, Tumble Bus, Music and Movement Classes, Dance, Karate, Graduation Celebrations, Annual Holiday Show, Educational Field Trips, Community Visitors, Mother’s Day Tea and Father’s Day Breakfast, Fire Prevention Week, Christmas Giving Tree, Thanksgiving Food Drive…just to name a few!