Infant Program…

“Our Little Buttercups”
~6 Weeks to 18 Months~

Welcome to our Irresistible Infants!

matthewOur center provides infants with cribs, crib sheets, carriages, swings, high chairs and bouncy seats. Parents must provide diapers, bottles, food, formula, wipes and any topical ointments needed. Everything Grows maintains a daily record of food consumption, diaper changes (including bowel movements), naps and their duration, daily observation of your child’s general behavior and personality, art involvement, and fine and gross motor skills practiced.

Our infant rooms are designed for different developmental stages with equipment and materials for your baby at each stage. Our infant program follows a monthly lesson plan to be sure your child is actively involved, stimulated, and of course, nurtured and loved. Your baby will stay with the same teachers until he or she is ready to move up to a Twaddler (10 months or so) or toddlers room (18 months). Infants transitioning to Twaddler or toddler classrooms are given ample time to do so starting with small daily visits and gradually expanding that time to include snack time, lunchtime, nap time and finally full transition. These transition time frames vary depending on each individual child.

Your young infant is on a “demand” schedule for eating and sleeping. As your baby gets older, he/she begins to move toward a more group oriented schedule as they prepare for the transition to the Toddler Program. This schedule still remains flexible to account for the needs of your individual child. Infant schedules are updated often by ongoing communication between parents and our infant staff. Moms are always welcome to come into our infant rooms and breastfeed their babies when needed.
The goals of the infant program are to meet your baby’s individual needs while providing a developmentally appropriate and stimulating environment. Teachers show warmth and support to infants throughout the day by making eye contact and engaging in many one-to-one, face-to-face interactions.

Activities planned throughout the day address the following areas of development:
Social: Your child’s needs are met on an individual basis. Opportunities are provided for social interactions with other infants, toddlers, siblings and adults throughout the day.

Physical: Your infant is given the opportunity to explore the environment within safe limits. As your child develops physically, new equipment including climbers, pull and push toys, large foam blocks, and riding toys are introduced for large motor development.

Intellectual: Cognitive development is encouraged through a stimulating environment including any different experiences that encompass the senses. Appropriate activities, materials, and equipment are made available, as your baby appears developmentally ready.

Creative: Infants will be introduced to various age appropriate art activities, as well as music, movement and other creative play experiences.

Emotional: Development of trust is a primary goal of this age group. The teacher’s development personal relationships with the children in their care. They strive to provide an environment where babies can bond with their teacher and form trusting relationships. Each child has his/her own comfort level and style of attachment, and the teachers provide an emotional support for each child, on their own terms.
A personal, trusting relationship develops between each infant and teacher that is enhanced by good parent/teacher communication and cooperation. The partnership between parents and staff is an important one in working together to ensure a healthy and safe environment. The center’s Health Policy is essential to ensure the health and safety of all our infants. The policies are designed to consider the safety of both the group and the individual. Your child will be supervised at all times and equipment is sanitized, cleaned throughout the day and always in good repair. Any questions about our Health Policy can be directed to your teacher or our program Director. Communication between parents and teachers is the key to our partnership and continued success in our program to provide your infant a warm, safe and nurturing experience in our Infant Program.

An Infant’s Day at Everything Grows Childcare and Learning Center

7:20 a.m. ~ After checking your son in, you find his favorite caregiver who has a new toy to share.

8:15 a.m. ~ Your son shakes a rattle or holds a plush toy while he practices grasping, pinching and holding during special “small muscle development” activities.

9:00 a.m. ~ Now it’s time to exercise large muscles by crawling, cruising, rolling, rocking and enjoying some “tummy time”.

9:50 a.m. ~ Removing his bottle from the warming device, your son’s caregiver prepares to feed him a morning snack, while other infants nap or play.

10:35 a.m. ~ Feeding time is through and your son’s eyes are getting heavy. He cuddles into his person crib. Sweet Dreams!

11:40 a.m. ~ It is a perfect day for the playground or walk in the stroller! Your son giggles as the breeze ruffles his hair.

12:25 p.m. ~ Sharing stories and reading books develops early literacy and phonic skills. Your son listens to his caregiver read him the story “Goodnight Moon”.

1:30 p.m. ~ Time spent with soft feathers, hard blocks and squishy toys deepens his understanding of the world.

2:20 p.m. ~ Pursing lips and grasping for a bottle, it’s time for his afternoon feed, then a restful snooze.

3:40 p.m. ~ Your son’s caregiver helps him bop and sway with the other children during Music and Movement time!

4:45 p.m. ~ You open the classroom door and see your son investigating his face in a wall mirror. The end to another fun day at Everything Grows! See you tomorrow!

(This schedule serves as an example of a typical day in our Infant Room. Times and events may vary.)


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