Little Explorer’s Summer Camp

Little Explorer’s Summer Program

4 – 6 years old



Welcome to our “Little Explorer’s Summer Program”!  Your child will dive into an extensive and exciting curriculum that brings them ‘all around the world’.  This camp is designed for children 4 to 6 years of age and will keep your little one growing and learning day in and day out.  Each week we will be visiting a new country to learn about the historical culture, landmarks, language and even fine arts.  All of these topics will be covered using thrilling new activities, games, storyboards and more.  Outdoor sports will also be a great way to keep your child active and enjoying the summer sunshine!  The fine arts will be incorporated by relating each country to an artist and each medium. 

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Little Explorer’s Daily Features:

Written lesson plans outside each classroom to demonstrate our engaging activities, materials and standards being met.

Morning Meet Up where we will introduce each country, learn to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in our new language, introduce new vocabulary, and engage in an interactive story time.

Outdoor play will allow your explorer to participate in numerous sports and fun for 3 hours each day. There are water play activities, sprinklers and more!  Our summer staff will be guiding the children in new and exciting games like t-ball, soccer, dodge ball, ring toss and so much more.

Small group academic activities that will enhance their math, writing, and phonetic skills.  Each activity is founded on an aspect pertaining to that particular country.

Conducting of science experiments and the understanding of the scientific process.  Example: “Why did the Statue of Liberty turn green?” Let’s use these copper pennies to find out how!

Full hour each day of fine art. Your child will be so excited to delve into art history, new artists, techniques and mediums.

Art Exhibit:  At the end of our Summer session,  the children will work together to properly display their art work in the halls of our center, where parents can view all the amazing things their child has done!

Dramatic play stations that allow the explorers to fully emerge themselves into the culture, whether it’s gelato making in Italy, or pyramid building in Egypt.

Cooking lessons that implement measuring and cultural foods.  Your child will be exposed to new foods and will practice measuring, mixing, cooking and eating fun new tastes from each country. 

Our summer program runs for approximately 9 weeks beginning at the end of June and ending late August before school reopens in September.  We offer flexible scheduling to fit the needs of busy families.  Children may be enrolled for the entire summer or for as little as two weeks, based on availability.

Your child’s summer should be one of fun, learning and carefree good times.  Call us today to learn more about enrolling your child in our Little Explorer’s Summer Program and how to secure their spot today!

If you have any questions or need more information, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

 Thank you and we hope you choose to “Come Grow with Us!”

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